Dresden is also called Elbflorenz Dresden carries visitors away with a synthesis of the arts: fascinating buildings and art treasures, impressive museums, as well as orchestras and choirs of worldwide reputation. Dresden offers attractions in great variety and combines three aspects which complement one another: notable art treasure, architectural sights and a charming landscape. Magnificent promenades on the bank of the Elbe, interesting museums and institutions, industrial monuments, charming details. Places of interest can easily be reached on foot.

Prelims Results 2019

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Prelims results 25.04.2019 1M GIRLS Group B Platform GIRLS Group A 3M BOYS Group A
Prelims results 26.04.2019
1M BOYS Group A Platform GIRLS Group B 3M BOYS Group B
Prelims results 27.04.2019
1M GIRLS Group A Platform BOYS Group B 3M GIRLS Group B
Prelims results 28.04.2019
3M GIRLS Group A 1M BOYS Group B Platform BOYS Group A